Ministry Opportunity for Youth and Adult Mission Teams!

SACRED STONES MINISTRIES and Bethany United Methodist Church PRESENTS SACRED DOORS, a mission works experience focusing on the needs in Denver, Colorado.

Youth Pastors and Leaders, now is the time to book your week of exploring the urban needs of the Denver Metro Area.

Choices for service to the community include a schedule to serve others and learn about marginalized people in a unique urban setting.

“Sacred Doors; an Introduction to Transformation on the Margins of the Denver Metro Area; a Ministry of Bethany UMC and Sacred Stones Ministries”

Did you know that Denver, Colorado has almost 11,000 people on any given day that are homeless, and that 23,000 students are homeless at some point during a school year. These statistics cover a range of reasons and solutions.

Would you like to be part of a new way to address the issues in Denver, Colorado; make closer friends, and be part of the solution with folks on the margins?

SACRED DOORS is the mission experience you are looking for.

Your group is invited to an opportunity for transformational spiritual growth while deepening relationships with each other and practicing gratitude and love as you build community.

Learn about poverty and other marginalized populations through educational opportunities and utilize information in other experiences.

Theologically structured learning through participation in Sacred Doors offers a deeper connection with others and with the world. Sacred Doors provides a sacred, safe, and theologically sound mission work experience in an urban setting that shares with the wider church. Experiences are open any time of the year. Guided experiences bring the staff’s knowledge and familiarity with the Denver Metro area to those who wish to travel from around the United States.

Your week will be a busy, and fun week exploring Denver and the surrounding area.

Your group has a choice of topics for the week:

  1. Food Deserts in Urban Areas; Food Consumption and Waste;
  2. LGBTQ Communities and Challenges;
  3. Homelessness;
  4. Immigration;
  5. Women and children in the margins.



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