We equip individuals and Christian communities
to connect more deeply with God,
with each other,
and with the world


1. Cultivating Meaningful Worship

Praying in color - cropped

  • Helping congregations understand the spiritual needs and longings of the people within your reach, and walking alongside as the church explores and experiments to adapt or create new worship experiences that speak to those needs;
  • Crafting new language that draws from the rich heritage of our spiritual and liturgical traditions in ways that speak to contemporary people and situations; and
  • Bringing the Word of God to life through workshops and training that emphasize embodiment, the senses, the arts, and different learning styles;

2. Providing Tools for Excellence in Faith Development2015-sacred-stones-mission-trip-4

  • Working with congregations to envision, organize, and grow faith development ministries;
  • Developing, adapting, and guiding selection of curricula for diverse age groups, needs, and congregational contexts; and
  • Training and supporting others to teach and lead;


3. Offering Transformational Mission Opportunities

2018 Mission UMCOR West - boxes

  • Providing a theological basis for mission work;
  • Developing experiences that bring communities together through focusing on the tangible needs of a people; and
  • Facilitating experiences of service that encourage spiritual reflection and building relationships;

4. Fostering Spiritual FormationIMG_2729

  • Creating materials for individuals, small groups, or congregations to use for spiritual reflection and practice;
  • Facilitating and inviting small groups into deeper exploration of spiritual practice
  • Leading retreats that focus on connecting with God, building relationships, and growing in self-understanding and spiritual maturity; and
  • Organizing events that raise awareness and encourage active engagement with social issues in the name of Christ;

5. Supporting Clergy in Ministry

  • Creating space for ministers to worship or build relationships without being in charge;
  • Encouraging healthy boundaries, including self-care and Sabbath practice;
  • Promoting understanding of different clergy orders and callings to servant leadership, and ways of working together;
  • Offering a sounding-board and collegial support for solo pastors; and
  • Listening and responding to the needs of clergy women, clergy persons of color, and other minority groups.


Contact us today at info@SacredStonesMinistries.org to start a conversation about how we can best support, strengthen, innovate, or strategize with you about ministry!

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