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11 Times Jesus Was Totally Bad@$$, by Rev. Kerry Greenhill

Fall is a busy season for many churches, and for church consultants! But in the midst of our full schedules, we offer some lighthearted inspiration and encouragement, in the form of a reminder that not only is Jesus fully human and fully divine, he's also totally bad@$$. 1. Turning water into wine. (See Note about miracles … Continue reading 11 Times Jesus Was Totally Bad@$$, by Rev. Kerry Greenhill

Transition Time – A Blessing, by Rev. Kerry Greenhill

In the United Methodist system of appointing pastors to churches, July 1 is the usual start date for pastors in their new ministry settings. Transitions can be challenging for everyone involved - the pastor, the church they leave behind, the new church, and the pastor's spouse or family. I wrote about this more extensively last … Continue reading Transition Time – A Blessing, by Rev. Kerry Greenhill

Four Simple Questions Your Family Should Ask

Simple, yet affirming questions to ask your children every day. Don’t have children? Then these questions will also help you process your day and affirm you.

r e F o c u s

“Highs and Lows!!”

If you eat dinner with the Embree family, no doubt that right after we pray, you’ll hear one of our kids yell this out.  It has become part of our dinnertime DNA and something that has led to incredible faith conversations over spaghetti and salad.  Some of our most defining moments as a family in terms of discipleship and growth as a family have taken place because of these four questions.

I can’t take credit for them.  That goes to Dr. Kara Powell of Fuller Youth Institute.  I had the opportunity a few years ago to attend a seminar led by her about Sticky Faith and how to help our kids develop a faith that sticks beyond high school.  She shared this dinner time routine at that conference and I immediately thought, “This is easy!  This is something we can do!” and so… we did.


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mother's day

Mother’s Day Prayer, by Rev. Kerry Greenhill

Some churches choose not to observe Mother's Day in a significant way because it is a secular holiday, while others embrace it fully in their liturgy and preaching. Whatever your church's practice, I offer this pastoral prayer in an attempt to honor the full range of experiences of mothering and being mothered. If you choose … Continue reading Mother’s Day Prayer, by Rev. Kerry Greenhill