Living into Our Gifts and Callings

By Rev. Kerry Greenhill The path of vocational, set-apart ministry makes no claims or promises to be an easy one. We who are called to continue Jesus’ work of servant leadership by proclaiming the Word, serving with compassion, working for justice, and assisting with the sacramental life of the Church know that this work will … Continue reading Living into Our Gifts and Callings

Blessing of the Backpacks

Students in many parts of the country have already gone back to school, but others are still eagerly (or anxiously) preparing. If you want to acknowledge this special time of year for your community, consider having students - and teachers, and anyone else involved in resuming the school year - bring in their backpacks, laptop … Continue reading Blessing of the Backpacks

A hand rests on a computer mouse next to a coffee cup and keyboard. Photo by Rayi Christian Wicaksono on Unsplash.

Litany of Gratitude for Staff with a Servant’s Heart

by Rev. Kerry Greenhill © 2012 Let us give thanks for the ministry of small details: For greetings offered and doors unlocked for attendance entered and reminders sent for expenses processed and checks prepared we give thanks for your service in Christ’s name. For floors mopped and polished and carpets vacuumed for lilies ordered and mail … Continue reading Litany of Gratitude for Staff with a Servant’s Heart

When Love Looks Like Ashes

By Rev. Kerry Greenhill When Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day and Easter is April Fools’ Day, you might start to wonder about God’s sense of humor. The conjunction of these sacred and secular holidays got me thinking: is there a hidden truth in this year's calendar? After all, what could be more foolish than … Continue reading When Love Looks Like Ashes

Denver Comic Con selfie

Six Things the Church Can Learn from Comic Con

by Rev. Kerry Greenhill This weekend I decided at the last minute to attend the final day of Denver Comic Con, an annual convention celebrating comic books, science fiction, fantasy, and other popular culture, produced by the educational non-profit organization, Pop Culture Classroom. I was vaguely familiar with Comic Con from friends’ reports, social media, … Continue reading Six Things the Church Can Learn from Comic Con