There is a tree that lives in an old greenhouse in Mosca, Colorado that is at least 132 years old. Mosca is not it’s original home. As far back as the tree’s history goes, the original tree is from Texas. This fig tree has had cuttings that were carried in covered wagons from Texas to Colorado and from there all over the country.


Mosca is located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado at the crossroads in unincorporated Alamosa County. This tree lives at the famous Colorado Gators Farm. The alligators, crocodiles, emus, snakes, fish, and turtles make a fun stop on a mission trip to La Puente in Alamosa. Located on a spring in the midst of high desert plains, the gator fam also host a number of trees and plants.

The animals at this farm have all been rescued from owners who believed the alligators and snakes would make good pets; which, not only do they not make good pets, but many are illegal to own.

It is in the midst of forgotten animals and fish ponds that this tree grows and continues to offer life. And, so it is with us at times. We stand in the shade of an old tree waiting for the forgotten moments of our lives to make sense. Seldom do we remember that those moments have given us the framework for our lives, and despite of, or because of, those are the moments in which we thrive with the grace that God has surrounded us even when our spirits are feeling a weathered.

Parts of ourselves travel from place to place through study, books, conversations, partnership, family and friends. With that travel of our hearts through so many different thoughts, feelings, and epiphanies, even our most weathered souls flourish. So may you experience the flourishing of your soul this day.


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