Rev. Nani Arning

A few weeks ago, we had a great cause for celebration when my dad hit the age of 90. He wanted a party to celebrate the milestone and he had a party! The family gathered along with friends from throughout the years. It was quite a testament to him, his life, his ministry and his family. What a way to celebrate being 90!

One of the pictures I took was of the hands of my 90 year old dad and his 7 year old great-granddaughter. My dad’s hands have been weathered and worn from his humble    farmer family beginnings, to mission and ministry in South Carolina, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado and so much more in between. Hands that have seen it all, as life and ministry offers us. Even when life has us feeling as if we are worn to the core, our hands have a way of bringing us back to what is important in this one beautiful life we have.  So, here is my picture of hands: hands that have seen many years and the hands that have just started discovering the awesomeness of life.

Hands tell the stories

Life well-lived, life just begun

Weathered, loving, new

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