By Rev. Kerry Greenhill

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The path of vocational, set-apart ministry makes no claims or promises to be an easy one. We who are called to continue Jesus’ work of servant leadership by proclaiming the Word, serving with compassion, working for justice, and assisting with the sacramental life of the Church know that this work will not lead us to worldly success or social prestige. But it is a life of deep meaning, becoming vessels for God’s grace and love to find expression where they are needed most.

When we formed Sacred Stones Ministries in early 2014, I was eight months pregnant with my first child. What had started as a hypothetical question just a few months earlier was taking concrete shape as we invited trusted colleagues and mentors to serve on our board, wrote our mission statement, articles of incorporation and by-laws, brainstormed different events and services we could offer that would both meet the needs of pastors and churches, and live into our own strengths and gifts for ministry.

In the past five years, we have had many ups and downs as an organization, from the struggles of getting started to inevitable growing pains and personnel changes, from the excitement of our first contracts and events to the satisfaction of words of affirmation and testimonies from clients and partners we have now worked with many times. There is still a great deal about our future that is unknown, which is by turns both thrilling and terrifying! But through it all, God is faithful.

God is faithful in helping each of us make ends meet when a particular season has not met our goals for income or impact.

God is faithful in opening new doors to relationships, partnerships, ideas and allies.

God is faithful in nurturing our souls to recover from disappointment and to probe new realms of creativity.

God is faithful in sustaining us in this work that we still believe is essential to meeting the needs of the changing church and changing world around us.

God is faithful in leading us forward, whatever may come in our denomination, to find ways to live into our gifts and callings as Deacons who are dedicated to bearing witness in the church to the needs of the world, and leading the church into the world to find joy in serving.

Thanks be to God, who is always faithful. May we continue to grow in our own faithfulness as well.


One thought on “Living into Our Gifts and Callings

  1. Yes, thanks be to Gog for all he does for us – especially for bringing us together! Thank you for all you do!

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