By Rev. Nani Arning

growth plant sprout cracks stanislav-kondratiev-632497-unsplash

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.”

This quote struck me as absolute truth when it has come to ministry. It’s comfortable to be in a place where I know what to do and how to do it, until it’s challenged. Life is about growth and learning and changing and living into the life God has called me into. I’m still discovering it!

In the midst of a place of leaving, grief, pain, loss and discomfort grew Sacred Stones Ministries.

The challenges are and have been great. After all, we’re doing something no one else has ever done.  Exciting and scary.  Seeking out where to serve, how to serve, working on contracts, making enough to fund life’s essentials. The challenge of knowing my worth and charging for that – still a challenge.  The challenge still continues to produce meaningful, cutting-edge, worthy-of-pay material and work.

Discomfort in not knowing what is next, taking risks, pushing into what is not comfortable, advocating for work, selling ministry products and figuring out what can be produced, pushing myself/being pushed as part of Sacred Stones into new areas.

Joy comes in the midst of discomfort. Joy in fulfilling call, finding the way to bridge church and the world in seemingly small, yet deeply meaningful, ways.


Check back tomorrow – or sign up in the box on the right to follow our blog by email – for another reflection on what Sacred Stones Ministries means to us on our fifth anniversary!

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