By Rev. Kerry Greenhill

We Pray with Her book cover 2018I am honored to have a devotion and three prayers included in a new book, We Pray with Her: Encouragement for All Women Who Lead. Written and edited by young United Methodist clergy women, this book features reflections in the categories of Call, Courage, Struggle, and Persistence, as well as prayers for many different occasions. It is coming to bookstores in September, but you can pre-order now! All proceeds will go to the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (UMC) to support scholarships for young women attending seminary.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I offer this blessing, which will be included in the book, for all women and for anyone who has been told they are less-than:

Blessing to Be Who You Are

by Kerry L. Greenhill

May you know you are worthy.
May you unlearn all the silence and shame
you were taught through hints and insinuations.
May you stand tall and walk proudly,
delighting in the shape and movement of your body
as you travel through the world,
spirit-in-flesh, breath-and-dust,
beloved child and imago dei.
May the truth woven into your being
find its way out
in words and music,
in dance and poetry,
in loving and marching,
in creating and tearing down.
May you know your own power
to speak and to listen,
to make room for others
and to claim what is yours.
May you be heard.
May you be seen.
May you take up space in the world.
May you know you are whole
and holy,
blessed and beautiful
and bold and brave.
Be who you are:
it is enough.


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