By Rev. Kerry Greenhill

When Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day and Easter is April Fools’ Day, you might start to wonder about God’s sense of humor. The conjunction of these sacred and secular holidays got me thinking: is there a hidden truth in this year’s calendar? After all, what could be more foolish than resurrection? And what is Lent about but deepening our understanding of the strange and foolish realities of (God’s) love, especially in the face of our human limitations?

Fools for Love Online Lenten Retreat
Sign up now for our first online Lenten retreat, Fools for Love!

I would love for you to join me in reflecting on and discussing these and other spiritual themes over the next several weeks. So I’m offering an online Lenten retreat called Fools for Love through, with weekly reflections on scripture, discussion with other participants, and a different spiritual practice or action to take each week. We will explore the apparent foolishness of a faith based on love, grace, vulnerability, and justice, as we walk with Jesus and the disciples toward Jerusalem and the cross.

You can learn more and sign up hereThe cost is just $45 for seven weeks of inspiration, scriptural grounding, and online community, all on your schedule and your terms.

And if you’re a church leader looking for worship resources or a children’s curriculum for Lent, be sure to check out our Lent & Holy Week Resources. There you’ll find:

We also just posted two new series of Communion liturgies for Lent, for those congregations that might want to gather weekly at Christ’s table during this holy season. Themes include:

  • The Way of Discipleship: Travel through a season of gifts and challenges with themes of Bread for the Journey, Faith for the Journey, Humility for the Journey, Generosity for the Journey, Sight for the Journey, and The End of the Journey.
  • A Time for Reflection:
    Following the Narrative Lectionary, explore themes of Repentance, Release, Reconciliation, Right Relationship, Readiness, and Recognition. Also includes Maundy Thursday Communion on the theme, “Singing the Lord’s Song.”

May you find the hidden blessings in the twists and turns of the coming season!

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