Do you ever wonder if your church is stuck in a rut? Or maybe overlooking some crucial details in how you carry out your mission in the community?

Now you can boost your church’s awareness around the areas of Hospitality, Discipleship, Small Groups, Community Outreach, Mobilization, and Mission with a 10-Hour Tune-Up consultation. Rev. Doug McKinney can help your church gain a healthy perspective of how you’re doing in any or all of these areas, based on the needs of each congregation.

10-hour-tune-up2-ssmMeeting first with the pastor, staff, and key leaders to customize parameters, Rev. Doug will be on site to experience Sunday morning worship, education offerings, and hospitality, as well as throughout the week for any pertinent events.  The assessment includes interviews with neighbors, guests, long-time members and specific teams to help gain a broad perspective on the church’s strengths and areas for growth. When possible, Rev. Doug will equip and utilize laity from the church to conduct interviews and to gather and analyze data.

A 10-Hour Tune-Up can help if you identify with any of the following challenges:

  1. Congregation seems stagnant in their worship, Christian education, small groups, or outreach;
  2. Congregation is experiencing so much growth that managing it seems chaotic at times;
  3. You wonder if the worship format and hospitality experience is really welcoming to guests
  4. Guests come once, but few return; or attend worship regularly, but don’t take steps to become involved;
  5. There is no clear path on how an adult grows in his/her discipleship;
  6. The congregation seems apathetic in responding to the needs of the community, or is not sure what the community’s needs are;
  7. Very few congregation members are from the immediate neighboring community;
  8. The congregation lacks a sense of connection with non-church groups meeting in the building;
  9. Most of the leadership and work of the church is consistently done by just a few members;
  10. Groups within the body of the church carry out their own agendas that are not consistent with church goals;
  11. Staff dynamics are strained; or
  12. Committees and teams lack the drive and power to complete the actions needed.

Rev. Doug McKinney has previously worked in the areas of Discipleship, Adult Education, Hospitality and Outreach in congregations of various sizes. More recently, he developed partnerships with community agencies and mobilized 30 congregations from 19 denominations to serve the needs of people in their community, through Love, INC.

If you’re looking for a relatively fast and painless way to jump-start a process of re-energizing your church’s mission and ministry in 2017, this is a great opportunity!

Affordably priced at just $500, the assessment includes 6-8 hours on site, with the remaining time spent in analysis and reporting.   If desired, the tune-up can lead to additional work on specific areas.

Contact Rev. Doug today ( to schedule a 10-Hour Tune-Up for your church in 2017!

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