Evanston sanctuary cross
The sanctuary of the Evanston Center, where Re*Connection Worship will launch on Friday, April 22, at 11:00 a.m.

Sacred Stones Ministries is pleased to announce the launch of Re*Connection: Worship for Clergy and Other Servant Leaders, beginning April 22, 2016. The first service will take place at 11:00 a.m. that day at the Evanston Center for Spiritual Wholeness and Healing, 2122 S. Lafayette St., Denver.

Re*Connection is a project born of conversations with clergy over the past year, who repeatedly expressed a sense of weariness and loneliness in ministry. Clergy as much as anyone need opportunities to connect with God, with self, and with a community of belonging, and Re*Connection seeks to meet that need.

Rev. Kerry Greenhill, a founding member of Sacred Stones Ministries, gathered these stories, and with the input and support of Rev. Annie Arnoldy and Rev. Cathie Kelsey, submitted a proposal to the Rocky Mountain Conference Ministerial Education Fund. That proposal was approved on February 1, and the planning team has been working on putting details to the vision ever since.

Re*Connection will offer monthly worship services for pastors, church staff, and others who have difficulty participating as worshipers or as church members because they are involved in some form of faith-based leadership. Refreshments will be offered during and after the service to encourage participants to mingle and build or strengthen collegial relationships. During the summer months, a single family-friendly event will replace the monthly weekday morning worship.

The goals for Re*Connection are:

  • To inspire and encourage those who lead congregations or engage in other forms of ministry so they can continue to lead the people of God to be the Body of Christ in the world.
  • To create a space and time that offers opportunity to Re-Connect with God, with self, and with colleagues and friends.
  • To promote collegial relationships, spiritual disciplines, and a lifestyle of honoring one’s own needs in a healthy way so that one can more effectively tend to the needs of others.

Rev. Greenhill serves as lead coordinator for the initiative, from recruiting and organizing preachers, musicians, and volunteers; coordinating other logistics such as materials, refreshments, and follow-up with participants; and creating or finding any liturgy, music, ritual elements, visual arts, or other necessary components of worship.

Rev. Arnoldy provides marketing and communication support on a pro bono basis, as well as participating in the planning team. Other clergy and servant leaders are invited to participate in a quarterly planning process to generate ideas and identify needs among the identified audience.

To learn more about Re*Connection, email kerry@sacredstonesministries.org or follow us on Facebook.

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