Lake Rotorua, New ZealandFriday, February 6, marked the first anniversary of Sacred Stones Ministries’ launch and operation as a Colorado nonprofit organization. As we reflect on our first twelve months of finding new ways to equip, empower, and encourage the people of God on the path to spiritual flourishing, Rev. Debra shared this with our team:

I was reading Mark 8:11-21, about the yeast of the Pharisees this morning. I always feel bad for the disciples when they think Jesus is talking about the fact that they forgot the bread. And I get a little annoyed with Jesus for picking on them – they don’t get it!  Truth is, I don’t get it either sometimes. But I read this today:

“We may laugh at the disciples’ obtuseness, but where are we equally dull?  How often do we focus on the size of the problems that we face, or the meagerness of the resources we have to meet those problems, and forget that Jesus is in the boat with us?  How often do we as individuals and congregations, look at present obstacles and future uncertainties with fear and trembling, and forget how God has provided for us in the past?  Mark 8 reminds us that when Jesus is in the boat with us, we need not worry.  Instead of being distracted by our fears, we should be paying attention to Jesus, so that we might better understand and be prepared for the challenges we have yet to face.”

Feasting on the Gospels: Mark, p. 453; commentary by W. Carter Lester, Jr.

We’ve had Jesus in our boat all along!  Blessings to you all! We are so grateful to be on this journey with you. We treasure your support, your prayers, and your understanding.

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