Thanksgiving Week has for many years been one of my favorite weeks. The excitement of being with family and friends as we feast on turkey, potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie and all the rest on Thanksgiving Day is led into by the way we help others be ready for that same abundant meal. For many years I have participated in Denver Urban Ministries Food For All with whatever youth group I happen to be ministering with in a given year. This year was no exception.

Being contracted with two churches has its challenges, such as being in two places at the same time each Sunday morning, or missing out on events at one church because of obligations at another, but that challenge feeds my soul. This year the youth at Bethany UMC wanted to participate in Food For All. As I registered I had to commit one full meal for a Thanksgiving box per attendee. Knowing that gathering that much food would be problematic, I invited Cameron Church to participate by collecting food for Bethany to take to Food For All.

So, Sunday arrived – cold, snowy, windy – but, the food collected by Cameron Church made up for that. They had collected enough for eight meals; Bethany had six of us participating. The excitement at Food For All tends to be that of many groups of teenagers trying to stay warm and knowing that they were helping others. Despite the activity of the Chicken Dance, we were still cold, but managed to fill our quota of food boxes.

I appreciate the connectional system of The United Methodist Church, and when that is lived out with churches helping churches helping people, that is the gospel lived out in a very tangible way.

May you have much to be thankful for, this Thanksgiving and every day!

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