Give Thanks leaf bgIt’s that time of year again: Halloween has come and gone, Christmas commercials have begun, and Christmas music is even playing in the stores. Thanksgiving will soon be here, but so often gets lost amidst the other holiday festivities. That being said, Thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration to help children think of others.

One of the easiest things to do is to help children in their prayer time. Take a few minutes to cut strips of paper and get out an empty jar. You may want to label your jar “Thanks!” or decorate it together.

At one of your conversations around the table, talk about what Thanksgiving is all about, the importance of saying thanks to God for all we have. Move the conversation to what we want to say thanks for: family, friends, food to eat, bed to sleep in, home to live in, pets to play with, teachers who help us learn, music to listen to. You may also want to include people who need our prayers: those who are sick or sad, those who are hungry, etc.

Write your prayers on strips of paper and add to your jar daily. On Thanksgiving share your prayers!

One thought on “Giving Thanks, by Rev. Nani Arning

  1. Hi Nani, Thanks for your meditation. My younger daughter, Sarah, will be home from her first semester at college for Thanksgiving. I’m Thankful!
    Monroe, your sound person at Montclair UMC, thinks you did fine yesterday!

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