Hawke's Bay, NZ, at sunrise
Hawke’s Bay, NZ, at sunrise

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.

― Meister Eckhart

Today is our official public launch as Sacred Stones Ministries. We have filed Articles of Incorporation as a Colorado non-profit organization, received the approval of the Rocky Mountain Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and Appointive Cabinet as a ministry setting for Deacons, and we are officially open for business!

There is something exciting about newness, the possibility of starting fresh. The photo above was taken near Napier on Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, one of the easternmost cities on the North Island and therefore one of the first communities to greet each new day because of its proximity to the International Date Line.

So often our lives and our ministries settle into comfortable and familiar routines, especially as we find ways of doing what we need to do that seem to work for the time and place in which we find ourselves. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; as humans, we need routine and familiarity in order to feel safe. And some kinds of routines can become very meaningful over time, as repetition and reflection invest them with the status of ritual or even tradition.

But there is always a tension between our need for safety and our desire for novelty. If we fail to exercise our capacity to be creative, either as individuals or as congregations, we run the risk of becoming stagnant, irrelevant, out of touch. If fear – whether obvious, or disguised as nostalgia or respect for tradition – holds us back, we miss out on opportunities to grow. And although change is always risky and can therefore be scary, it is inherent in the definition of life. Ben Franklin put it very succinctly:

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

So what new thing are you dreaming of starting, either in your own life or in ministry? What change may need to happen in how your church goes about being the church?

If you’d like to chat about how Sacred Stones Ministries could help you with a new ministry or changing things up a bit, please contact us today!

Rev. Kerry Greenhill
Rev. Kerry Greenhill

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